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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Karen and Keith's Wedding

Here is another wedding layout. This time it is my cousin Karen and Keith's Wedding back in 2002. I was not there at the time as I was not part of the family then. It took place at my mother-in laws backyard. It looks so beautiful and was a great day. The paper is from Micheals and came in a paper pack called Design Paper by K & C Company. I think it was perfect for this beautiful wedding..


Karen Wilson said...

Nancy...wow. I've never seen it done in a layout and you done my proud, girl! GORGEOUS! Thank you SO much! It was a beautiful day. A little rough a couple times, but all went well and look at that happy couple and my gosh, those darling kid's :)

Karen Wilson said...

Hehehe, that would be "you done ME proud" oops!